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The "One Album Per Sifter" Quest

I'm on the hunt for new music. I need something that's new to me and want a band/sound that is going to go further than one song that's ok with the rest being "meh."

So I turn to you sifters; list one album either new or old that you know you can listen to all the way through.

Some guidelines:
--Post a track listing here
--Post one or two (small) embeds so fellow music seekers can get a feel for what the band is like
--Post a short explanation of why you like said album

I'll make the first post below but I'm really looking forward to seeing what people come up with

Where do we get our music from?

The Sift has been good to me, musically. It's introduced me to a range of artists, from the Deep Dark Woods to Spoon to Adele.

I've been thinking recently about musical sources - that is, where do you find your music? I have some friends I rely on for good tips, the Sift and to a lesser extent, radio and TV.

I guess I have fairly eclectic tastes, so I find music websites are generally too specific or hit/miss to be a reliable source of new artists for my collection.

But I'd be interested in any tips for more sources. Where do you source your musical discoveries from?

How a Hasidic Jew became a punk band frontman.

I was listening to This American Life on a recent cross country trip and discovered the story of Curly Oxide, a Hasidic Jew that had a brief but intense Rock n' Roll career. It's one of the best segments I've ever heard on this show. They are also making a movie out of this story, starring Sascha Cohen (natch).

Listen here:

Act One. That's Funny, You Don't Look Jewish.
Chaim and Billy both lived in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, just blocks away from each other, in worlds that almost never collided. Chaim was a Hasidic Jew—he'd never heard pop music or watched MTV. Billy Campion, known as the rocker Vic Thrill, was the star of an underground band. Billy put Chaim, who took on the name Curly Oxide, into the band, and in just one year, he leapt from the 19th century into the 21st. David Segal, rock critic for the Washington Post, reports. (39 minutes)

Curly Oxide and Vic Thrill IMDB listing:

The best cover of 2010

The best covers are better than the original. The classic example is Jimi Hendrix's All Along The Watchtower which even made a stubborn artist like the allmighty Bob change the way he performed his original in every concert since (and that was over 40 years ago).

It's not very often a cover makes me exited but this one is definitely worth sharing. The Black Keys covered Never Gonna Give You Up, a soul classic by Jerry Butler which has the unfortunate fate of having the same name as that awful Rick Astley song. The orginal is a wonderful song, but The Black Keys manage to make it even better. Here's the amazing cover (no video available unfortunately:

And here's the original Jerry Butler version:

It amazes me that a hardcore blues-rock duo as The Black Keys are able to make a cover that has even more feeling and heart than a soul classic like this. Their new album, Brothers is really, really good and they're a great live band as well. I was lucky enough to see them in concert a few weeks back and they tore the roof off the place.

Here are some already sifted songs from the album: (first single and a funny music video) (another fun music video and a great bluesy track)

Yes, I am a fan.

Enoch finds his Gold Star!

"And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare Enoch: and he builded a city, and called the name of the city, after the name of his son, Enoch.
-Genesis 4:17

"And Dag favoured Enoch for his efforts and gave unto him a golden star."
-Gospel of Siftboticus 13:37

That's right, people, enoch has gotten his gold star. This rebel minister and former strip club DJ has sifted a lot of great obscure vids and has been a really nice guy to have around the sift. What does a rebel minister look like anyway? Something like this perhaps? Stephen used to teach comparative religion and cultural religious history, so I guess he must know. Maybe the answer can be found here.

Enoch's also a poet, some of his work can be seen here:

I love having you around, enoch - congrats on the star!

inflatablevagina gets pumped up for her GOLD STAR

What can you say about someone who calls herself inflatablevagina? Well, judging by her sifts and having talked to her a few times you can be sure she's awesome, feisty and has great taste in music! Every vagina may be inflatable, but Cari is quite unique. And Cari has gotten herself a gold star! And even though her no-nonsense feminism probably tells her otherwise, I'm sure she enjoys getting some shiny jewelry

Ivy is another example of the GREAT female presence on the sift and being a big fan of rock & roll, she has been supplying us with lots of quality music and even a highly successful self-link. That's the first (and hopefully, last) time I've seen a 15-foot inflatable sexual organ.

So put down your bongs and give Ivy her much deserved praise! And if anyone craves more of her great rock vids, have a look here. Congrats!

Banned Rolling Stones doc "Cocksucker Blues" online

Go to the above URL, read the blurb, click the link. Note that the first part is not available, but parts 2-9 are there. I'm a little concerned dl'ing this and YouTubing (and subsequently sifting) it because the Stones have apparently sued to keep this doc unreleased since it was made it '72. Anyway, it's grainy and the audio isn't very good, but you can get a feel for the utter hedonistic bubble they lived in at the time. Parts of it are very NSFW (drugs, sex).

1st SiftTalk post.

Rasch187: Like a rolling crown


Rasch187 - that guy from the capital of Sweden - just got his 1000th star, my friends, so you know what that means: He's a minor globular cluster now. That is all.

Oh yeah, he also gets a crown. Yes sir, he's the Sift's tenth royal member. And he's very deserving of it too. He's brought so many great videos here, and I've really enjoyed a buttload of his musical selections. He keeps this place in working order with his countless dead video fixes. (Don't let that number in his profile fool you; he's fixed at least a thousand more than what it says.) And he goes all out to make people feel special by doing so many congratulatory posts. So to say the least, he is a well-rounded member. And he hates Family Guy, which makes him aces in my book.

So please give the king of rock his dues. He's earned it.

demon_ix gets Gold (100), celebrates in best possible way

That's right, ladies and gents, demon_ix has gained the gold! The man tried to demote him to silver, but after only a few days he rose above it. Getting to 100 star points in just over 4 months is pretty damned impressive!

Amitai is also proof of the sifts global following, being from Israel. Having gained this milestone he's one of the chosen people of the Sift as well. 2 for 2 . He's been supplying us with a varied selection of high quality videos. Like this one. It shouldn't surprise anyone that he's a big fan of Pink Floyd and what more do you need to know? He's a great guy. full.stop.

Major congrats, demon_ix! Keep reaching for the dark side of the moon.

More cowbell, please.

Ever since I posted Nazarath's "Hair Of The Dog" in this comment I've had cowbell on the brain. Misery loves company, so let my affliction be your affliction. Here are a few cowbell videos. Share your own if you want, or link to them if you want to post one or more. I'm not guaranteeing I'm going to vote for them just because they have cowbell, mind you. This one starts off with cowbell, but I ain't having none of dat, yo.

Nazareth - "Hair Of The Dog":


Mountain - "Mississippi Queen":


Queens Of The Stone Age - "Little Sister" (with plastic cowbell - very modern):

War - "Low Rider":

Fill the prescription already.

What's your first memory of rock & roll?

I'm kind of curious as to what it was that got Sifters into rock music (for those who are interested), so post away on your stories of what made you wanna rock.

For me, I got into rock via Rush, specifically through the song "Red Barchetta" from Moving Pictures. My stepdad back in about fifth grade had a bunch of their CDs, and he let me borrow them to check them out. He was kind of a dick, but I do owe him for being the first person to really introduce and convert me to rock'n'roll.

How about you guys?

A Little Help Needed

One of my videos has died.

I found a suitable replacement ( but I can't seem to pull the embed, because unfortunately I don't speak the language the page is in. (German?)When I tried using recognizable symbols, it doesn't seem to embed correctly. Can any body help me?

Rock & Roll is a thing that needs to die

This Secret Chiefs song cracks me up.

Killing of Kings - Secret Chiefs

Clear the tears right from your eyes
Rock & Roll is a thing that needs to die
Practice room LA, here in Manchester USA

I hope you see right through my thin disguise
Give 'em cigarettes, blindfold their eyes
For those about to suck the shit-stained lies


Honesty doesn't fly the kite anymore
Emptiness doesn't float the boat anymore
Nihilism is fake, so the cutie-pie cuts the cake
Punk rock is the easiest place to hide

Acting stoned don't make you immune anymore
Or acting smart, talking shit after fucking whores
Rock & roll is a thing that needs to die

I hope you can see right through my thin disguise
Rock & roll is a thing that needs to...

Bronze Edeot


Sure, 10 star points isn't much (kronosposeidon gets more in an hour, which he then sells on the black market for money to buy drugs), but mr. edeot has raised more of a ruckus in 6 days than Angelina Jolie has raised kids. (That's a lot of ruckus)


Please no games, jokes or horseplay in the comments. This ℜ serious thread.

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